About Us

From a very young age, director Nicole Clinton dreamed of opening a studio in the small town where she grew up in, Ayr, Ontario.

Now in September 2022, Nicole is excited to be able to share her passion for the arts in a space that is positive, encouraging and welcoming of dancer's and their families.

NLC Dance Company will pride itself in providing dancer's the highest quality of teaching, in the most positive and encouraging mindset. The studio and its staff are strong believers in building dancer's up: both in their personal and dance careers. NLC Dance Company will focus on it's teaching methods, with the thought that every dancer who walks in their doors are "human's first, dancer's second".

NLC Dance Company offers programs for every dancer; whether that be at the Competitive Level, Pre-Competitive Level, or Recreational Level. Every dancer that enters our doors will hold the same importance in our hearts and will be encouraged to become not only the best dancer they can be, but the best human they can possibly be.

NLC Dance Company offers classes from Ages 1.5-Adult and in the genres: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Lyrical and Contemporary.

It is our goal that each dancer that steps into our studio feels welcomed, important, encouraged and accepted.